Tapanui has a long standing history with retail butchery, dating back to as early as 1876.  The Lischner family of Tapanui not only had the first house in Tapanui with hot running water but they also held the butchery business since 1892, firstly on the south side of the street then buying the current butchery business (which was a garage in the early 1920s)

The premises were converted into a butchery and continued until 2001 when Ian Wells (aka Mince) closed the shop due to a decline in small town butcheries in preference to the ever expanding Supermarket meat.

In the early days a rider was sent out on horseback going house to house to get the meat orders for the week. These orders were filled and then dropped off by horse and cart when finished.

A local slaughter house was established on the outskirts of Tapanui where cattle and sheep were killed for the shop to process. The small red building still stands in the paddock of a dairy farm as you leave Tapanui heading north.

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