We are an accredited Dual Licensed Butchery, and have the same standards for your home kill/recreational kill product as for products we sell in our shop. The Bacon goes though the same process of brining, hanging, smoking and drying as what our shop Bacon does, giving you an exceptional product from your home killed pig.   


We aim to hang Beef for at least 10 days. Aging beef helps enhance the flavor and texture of the finished product. (All Prices are excluding GST of 15%)

Beef Breakdown

Killing fee: $100 per animal (Travel extra if outside of area)

Processing fee: $1.39/kg

Products Marinated or Tenderised: $4.00/kg 

Salami: $10.00/stick, $1.00 per stick extra if vacuum packed.

Sausages: $5.60-$7.00/kg depending on flavour and variety (all sausages are Gluten Free)

Patties: $4.60/kg (Gluten Free)

Specialty Products on request...

Sheep or Lamb Breakdown

Killing fee: $20.00 per animal

Processing fee Normal

Lamb: $50.00 excludes Marinades

Hogget: $55.00 excludes Marinades

Mutton: $65.00

Processing fee Gourmet:

Lamb: $65.00 includes marinades

Hogget: $75.00 Includes Marinades

Mutton: $85.00  Includes Marinades

Breakdown into Sausages $25.00 + Sausages per kg

Seasoned Rolled roasts: $6.00/side

Marinades: $4.00/kg

Sausages: $5.60/kg-$7.00/kg depending on flavours and variety (Gluten free)

Patties: $4.60/kg

Pig Break down

Processing fee: $120.00 (minimum charge)

Bone out for sausages: $25.00 + Sausages per kg

Seasoned Rolled Roasts: $6.00/side

Marinades: $4.00/kg

Bacon: $6.20/kg

Ham (cooked): $15.00/ham

Ham (uncooked): $10.00/ham

Sausages $5.60-$7 per kg

Venison Break down

Bone out: $25.00 

Full Breakdown: $75.00 + Sausages/Patties & Marinades

Sausages: $5.60-7.00/kg depending on flavours and varieties (Gluten Free)

Patties: $4.60/kg

Salami: $10.00/stick, $1.00/stick extra if vacuum packing is required

Venison Ham/Bacon available on request

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