Vaughn is the Owner and Managing Director of Blue Mountain Butchery.  

Vaughn has Various Rolls, from Butcher, Sausage/Salami Maker to Homekill Slaughterman and Business Operations Manager. 

Sourcing new opportunities and dealing with client liaison from Retail to Homekill operations.

He loves Hunting and making products out of his own hunted Meat, which is how we Started Blue Mountain Butchery.

Shelley is the Office Manager and serves in the Shop, when not doing her job as a community Midwife, covering Tapanui, Heriot and Gore.  

Shelley is Married to Vaughn and together they have 5 children.  We Moved to Tapanui 4 years ago when we moved South from Te Awamutu for Vaughn's previous job as a Farm Nutrition Specialist for Farmlands. 

We have settled in and now see Tapanui as our Home.  Building a local business,  built on serving the local community and putting back into the locals who have accepted and loved us as we arrived. 

Manuela Kern is our Swiss Creative Butcher.  Manu Creates all our Perky Porkies, Cordon Bleu's, Beef Olives. 


Manu is also who you can thank for keeping on top of product management in the bacon and Deli fridge.


A fully trained Butcher Manu moved to New Zealand early 2018 with her partner Wendol who Share Milk over in Riversdale.  

Dan is our Homekill Manager, from the on farm killing to the processing of your Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, he is the man that brings it all together and makes it happen.  

With his wife Ange, he now lives in Tapanui, and is making it his home.

Dan like Vaughn loves his hunting and loves pushing himself to try new things.  

Dan is the man who you will have call you to arrange all your homekill needs. 

, Proudly Created with by Shelley Wesselson

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